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8.00% Cashback on Software and Office 365

4.00% Cashback on XBox + games, Kinect, and Windows Phone

3.00% Cashback on Surface Tablet

1.50% Cashback on Hardware

Terms & Conditions
  • Cashback calculations exclude both taxes and any postage costs.
  • The use of a voucher code not listed on the FatCheese website may affect your cashback earnings.
  • Cashback for Microsoft Store is only available through FatCheese on genuine, tracked transactions completed immediately and wholly online.
  • Cashback is earned by simply clicking through to Microsoft Store using the link above and shopping online as normal.
  • Please keep a copy of all email confirmations and receipts for your transactions until the cashback has been Awarded.
  • Cashback will be awarded once FatCheese has received payment for the completed transaction. The statistics to the left are for reference purposes only as payment speed can go beyond this on occasion.
Microsoft Store Statistics

Tracking reliability: N/A

Average tracking speed: 1-2 Hours

Average payment speed: 90 Days

Last payment received on 17 Mar for transactions made before 27 Jan
Microsoft Store Description

Microsoft is perhaps one of the most significant companies of recent years. Thanks to software such as Windows and Office, the firm has become extraordinarily influential and successful. More recently, it has entered the gaming market via its Xbox, Xbox 360 and Kinect.

Microsoft Store discount codes allow people to make purchases more affordably and Microsoft Store cashback is also often available. PCs, laptops and Windows phones are also available nowadays and here too Microsoft Store vouchers are hugely advantageous to shoppers. A certain percentage off the price of some software is one thing, but the same off some hardware can lead to great savings.