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Everything you need to know about using FatCheese

Customer service is something very close to our heart at Fatcheese. With our fast response rates and helpful support services - including our live chat facility - we aim to always give you a high-level customer service experience.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our service, please do not hesitate to send them in by submitting a ticket to us. We are always happy to hear from our members.

The FAQ provides answers to the most common questions asked about Fatcheese services.

Simply select the category you are interested in, then click on the query that most closely matches your own to find out the answer.

The basics

Using the site

Redeeming your cashback

The basics

Why does Fatcheese exist?
Fatcheese exists to help consumers get the best deal possible with the highest discounts online. Fatcheese's mission is to serve consumers with knowledge, value and guidance with all the cashback and discounts to make it happen at the lowest possible price.
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Why do I need to sign up as a registered Fatcheese user?
Signing up allows us to track how much cashback you earn, so we can pay you!
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Will I get pop-up ads, junk emails, etc
No. Never. Your name and information will not be given or sold to anyone else. Our members are very important to us and we will never abuse, offend, or otherwise take advantage of you!
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How do I get started?
If you have already registered to, just click on the "Login" button located on the top right of every page. If you haven't registered yet please click the "Join Fatcheese" button found on the top right of every page as well and complete to simple form to register your account details with us.
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How does it all work?
It's really quite simple. Our retail partners are prepared to share a percentage of their marketing budget to secure your business. When you shop using Fatcheese links, we receive a sales commission. We pass ALL of this commission back to you in the form of cashback.
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Do I buy from Fatcheese?
No. Click on the Fatcheese link to visit the retailer and make your purchase direct from the retailer just as if you had visited their site directly. The price you pay, and your consumer rights, are completely unaffected by using the links on Fatcheese.

The retailer will pay us a commission for your transaction and we will pass this back to you.
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Can each member of my family have their own Fatcheese account?
Yes, they can. Each individual has their own account. Plus you can earn even more by getting your friends and family to use your special referral link when joining. Click here for more details.
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How long does a transaction take before it shows on my statement?
Transactions can take up to seven days to appear on your statement as sometimes there are delays in the merchants reporting a transaction to us. However, the majority of transactions only take 24 hours to appear on your statement which are updated on an hourly basis. If a transaction hasn't appeared on your statement within seven days please submit a claim so that we can investigate for you.
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What is the Cashback Guarantee?
Fatcheese promises to pay you cashback when you complete your purchase with any merchant who has the Fatcheese Cashback Guarantee Seal. See here for more details
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How can Fatcheese afford to give such generous rewards?
Fatcheese passes on 100% of the commission we receive for a transaction back to you. The site is supported by the sale of advertising space on the site which are clearly marked so you know cashback is not available for the offer.
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How do I unsubscribe from the weekly newsletter?
If you wish to unsubscribe from the weekly newsletter please visit: Newsletter unsubscribe
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Do I get a bonus for referring my friends to
Yes! Join today and we'll give you a €2.00 bonus for every two people you refer to Fatcheese.

The bonus will get added to your account once two of your referrals have each earned at least €1 cashback in awarded cashback from transactions made via Fatcheese.

The more friends you refer the bigger the bonus!
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My transaction hasn't tracked
This could be down to one of the following reasons:

1. Cookies are not being stored
Our partner sites track sales by setting a 'cookie' on your computer. A cookie is a small text file that is sent to your computer via your browser when you visit a website.

The cookie is used to record the fact that Fatcheese should receive the commission for the transaction. Some retailers may also use javaScript to track your purchases so you must ensure both cookies and javascript are enabled for tracking to work.

How to Enable Cookies

Some retailers will attribute a sale to another website if you already have a cookie for that retailer stored on your system or they may choose to only pay commission 'once' per a cookie. We therefore would recommend that you always clear your cookies before making purchases through Fatcheese.

2. Ad Blocking Software
Ad and cookie blocking software must always be disabled before using Fatcheese. Products such as firewalls and anti-virus programs can prevent you using our links and earning cashback. Also, software can get installed on your machine without your knowledge (Spyware) and some of these programs may steal our commission by changing the links after you click on them.

Popular Ad Blocking Software that is known to interfere with users cashback include, Norton Internet Security, Zone Alarm Pro, and Zone Alarm Security Suite. Please ensure you disable any "ad blocking" or "cookie blocking" features before clicking the Fatcheese link to visit the retailer.

Please note: If you're uncertain about changing your Internet Security settings you can still complete your transaction by using the Fatcheese link. If the transaction doesn't track just submit a claim and we'll look into it for you.

If a transaction hasn't appeared on your statement within seven days please submit a claim so that we can investigate for you.
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How long does a Claim take to resolve?
Claims can take several weeks before we're able to get a resolution due to the manual process this entails.

The average resolution time for a claim is eight weeks which is the same time it would take to get paid commission if the transaction were to have tracked automatically.
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Using the site

How do I search for a retailer?
You can navigate our list of partner sites by category using the menu at the top.

If you're searching for a specific retailer then just use the retailer search box found at the top right of every page.
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How do you log in?
Sign In by clicking on the "Login" button highlighted in red at the top right of every page.

Your email address and password are used to login to the site each time you visit. This is an important security feature that helps to identify you and keeps your information safe. Never reveal your password to anyone. You will never be asked by us to reveal your password.
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Redeeming your cashback

How do I donate to charity?
Fatcheese allows you to raise money for your favourite cause just by shopping online.

Fatcheese gives you the option to donate your cashback to raise much-needed funds for a good cause of your choice. Just choose the "Donate to Charity" option when choosing to withdraw you cashback.
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How much must I have earned before I can redeem my cashback?
There is no minimum redemption for any payment method. You can withdraw as little as 1c!
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How do I redeem my cashback?
Once a cashback transaction has been awarded and added to your balance, you can request a payment via the My Account section located at the top of the screen highlighted in green.

You can withdraw your cashback via Bank Transfer or PayPal. We also give you the option to donate your cashback to charity.
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When will I receive payment?
Redemption requests are processed on a daily basis.

Please allow up to three working days to receive the funds eg. payment requests made by 23:59 on Sunday would be processed on the Monday and should arrive in your account by Thursday at the latest.
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