In short: Retailers pay a commission for sending customers to their website. We pass all this commission back to you as "cashback".

And now for the more in-depth answer...

Introduction to Cashback

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In today's world we're all looking for the best bargain and the cheapest deals around and one of the easiest ways of doing this is by simply using a website that pays you to shop. That probably sounds crazy to you but it's true! We at will pay you to shop online.

You can save hundreds of euros every year on purchases you make online by using to link through to your favourite retailers. FatCheese has links to over 850 retailers, insurers and travel sites. By linking through to the store through the website you will then receive cash back into your account for doing so... hence the term "cashback". It makes sense... why go straight to the store's website when you can save money by using FatCheese instead?

This may all sound a little too good to be true but this is one of those times where it really does work and can be seen as a shopper's bonus. You could earn €50 from Vodafone by taking out a phone contract or 7% from ASOS from the total shopping basket value. Stores like Apple Store pay FatCheese a commission for every sale we drive through to their site and instead of keeping all the commission for ourselves we pass the full 100% commission (ie. everything we earn for the sale) back to you. is free to join, there are no subscription fees or catches... every cent you generate is yours to keep. The first question that probably jumps to mind here is "what's in it for us?" Well it's simple really... we earn money from advertising placements throughout the site similar to how most websites, such as, make their money.

How does cashback work?

The cashback process is really very simple. The first step is to make sure you've registered for free to and are logged in to your account. We use special links to direct you to your desired retailer. By clicking and following these links and carrying out your purchases the retailer knows to credit with any commission. This is all you need to do on FatCheese, use our link to click through to the retailer's website and then make your purchase as you normally would.

Once you have completed your purchase, it should show up on your FatCheese account statement within a few hours*. The term used for this is 'tracked'. From here the transaction has been registered by FatCheese, but we are yet to receive the money (commission) for your purchase. Once the retailer/store pays us for your purchase then we will "award" you with the amount owed to you. The whole payment process can be as little as two weeks but can take up to three months before you receive your money with some retailers, but come on it's worth the wait as it's a bonus for something you would have done anyway! The reason why this process can take this long is to give enough time for the order to be paid and for any return times to lapse. Now for the best part, once your transaction moves to the status of "Awarded" you will be able to withdraw your cash into your bank account or even your PayPal account!

*The transaction tracking time differs for all retailers but you can locate the average tracking time in the statistics box found on each retailer page.

Make free cash with

That's crazy talk! But yes, we have plenty of ways for you to make money online without having to spend any cash and these are our Free Cashback offers. This section will help you make some extra bit of cash online without having to spend a cent.

Some of these offers allow you to earn money by taking up free trials that are available, you're merely getting paid to test out a product. Here's an example of this: you get €10 for taking up a two week free trial with Hard to believe but yes it really is that simple. Take a look at our offers to see what other free trials there are to take advantage of.

FatCheese also allows you to earn cashback just by registering to a certain site or for completing a survey. With MySurvey, for example, we'll pay you €4 just for registering to their panel for free - €4 for two minutes work!

The final way of making some money without having to spend anything is by telling all your friends about FatCheese. Refer your friends and family and for every two of your friends you bring on board who go on to earn their first euro cashback (and you've now seen how easy that can be), we'll give you a €2 bonus!

How much cashback can you earn?

It's possible to earn cashback and save on everything, including food, clothes, insurance, entertainment, holidays... you could save yourself hundreds every year!

Take a look at how much you could save in a year...

ProductSaving (&euro)
Holidays (based on trips equalling €600)58.90
Groceries (based on one shop per week)91.00
Mobile Phone Package50.00
Take-aways (1 meal a month equalling €30)10.80
Toiletries and cosmetics (€20 spend per month)21.60
Clothes (€50 spend per month)36.00
Entertainment (€20 spend per month)9.60
Gifts (based on spend equalling €100)6.00
Competitions, Free Trials, Surveys30.00
Refer 10 Friends10.00
Total saving488.90

Rules and Top Cashback Tips

1. Earning cashback through FatCheese is ONLY available online. Other than on offers where we specifically tell you it is allowed, if you pick up the phone to complete the order then you will not get the cashback.

2. requires the use of cookies to ensure we can track your purchases and credit you with the cashback correctly. Make sure cookies are enabled on your browser of choice. Enabling cookies

3. Always check the retailer page on to see if we have a voucher code available for the retailer you wish to shop with for extra savings. Please note cashback cannot be guaranteed if you choose to use a voucher code not listed on the website.

4. Use FatCheese Compare, our price comparison tool, to see if you can find your chosen item for cheaper.

5. We add new deals and retailers every day. Check back regularly to see what new great offers has available for you.

6. Tell your friends about saving money with and you could earn a €1 bonus for every friend you refer with our tell-a-friend scheme!